Q&a: How Long Should I Cook Pizza Dough Before Adding Toppings and Cheese?

Question from LG: How long should I cook pizza dough before adding toppings and cheese?
When I cook pizza, the dough is always undercooked. I can’t continue to cook it because otherwise the cheese would burn.

How long should I cook the dough in the oven before adding everything else?

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Answer by Jeff H
When we cook pizza at home, we put all the toppings on the pizza before putting it in the oven.

Do you use a pizza stone when you bake your pizzas? We put ours in the oven (let it preheat) and bake the pizza right on it – the heat from the stone cooks the crust quickly and evenly.

They’re not really expensive and are available at a lot of stores (or I’m sure online). Hope this helps you out…

Answer by Erica F
You sure you have the correct temperature setting on your oven? Your pizza should cook evenly all the way with everything on it actually.

I usually bake mine at 400 i think and it takes about 20 mins or so to bake evenly…maybe you aren’t using the right kind of pan either.

Answer by sam
If you are cooking the pizza at 350 F that is your problem. My recipe calls for 400 F but I cook it at 425 F for 23 minutes. Make sure the oven rack is in center or just below center. If it is still not done, raise the temp another 25 degrees. (Pizza Hut cooks them at 500 + for 16 minutes.) If you precook the dough, it will dry out.
Also, if your sauce is thin, be careful how much you use, that will prevent the dough from getting done. Try sprinkling parmesan cheese on the crust before adding toppings, this will keep the dough dry. Bake as soon as you assemble, pre heat oven before you add the toppings.

Answer by jimmy d.
Normally you would not precook pizza before adding the toppings if your oven was hot enough or if you had a pizza stone. I too have had a problem like this, so I shape my dough on a cookie sheet, lightly oiled, and bake at 425 for about 5 to 7 mins., until just beginning to show some color. Remove, top and continue baking until done.

Answer by Hope
I put the dough right on the BBQ rack of the gas grill.With the heat on low,cook the dough 3 minutes a side.Brush it with olive oil,add your sauce ,cheese and toppings and put it back on the grill.My grill has two burners,I put the pizza on the side that the burner is on off,and put the other burner on med./high until the cheese is melted and bubbly.
In the winter,I make pizza in the oven on a stone.I don’t pre-cook the dough this way.Just make your pizza and place on preheated stone.425 for ten minutes.

Answer by principe
You can put your toppings on and cook it at the same time just when it’s almost done put your cheese on so it won’t burn, I never cook my dough first, and for the record I’m Italian.

Answer by Moose
cook it for about 25 minutes with the cheese coverd by a sponge. trust me, it works real good

Answer by ken b
Bake crust first?? What temp are you baking at

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